Thursday, May 4, 2017

Why Teachers are Like Superheroes

With all of the Marvel and DC comic movies hitting theatres this year, it is obvious it is the era of the superhero.  It is especially exciting to see power female lead, Gal Gadot, as Wonder Woman in this June's movie release.  All these superheroes made me think of the qualities of a super hero and how they fit beautifully with teachers.  

Teacher Appreciation Day is May 9th and I thought it would be cool to give these men and women some recognition for being our kids real-life Superheroes.  Below are 5 reasons why teachers are like superheroes. 

1. Extraordinary Powers and Abilities

The power to fly, become invisible and incredible strength are qualities of Superman, the Invisible Woman and the Hulk.  But it also takes extraordinary power to manage a classroom of primary school kids.  Even sitting in on a classroom and observing we found that teachers have the profound ability to know which kid is out of their seat or which one is misbehaving... talk aboutspidey senses. 

2. Courage and Ability to Face Fears

It takes courage to speak up when you know someone is being treated poorly.  Also facing your fears when stopping the bad guys.  But what about the courage teachers give to their students when it comes to solving problems.  Or when you are faced with bullies at school, it is often a teacher or teacher mentor that we run too. 

3. A Strong Moral Code

To be a teacher it is a prerequisite to possess a strong moral code.  A teacher is someone who not only has a clear understanding of what is right and wrong, but also can demonstrate that character to our kids.  Establishing moral and ethical conduct is instilled at a young age, and it is our educators who we trust to help engage students to help them the right decisions. 

4. Intelligence

Ok Tony Stark, we all know you are quite the intelligent man, but our teachers are too! It is not just about being book smart but alsoexperience smart.' It’s the ability to combine emotion, visual cues and academics that make up well rounded intelligence.  Educator education does not stop at college, they continue to earn masters' degrees and certifications.  They also have to stay up to date with the latest education trends and technology by attending professional development courses throughout the school year.  This includes after school hours and weekends. 

5. Commitment and Honesty

Parent and Teacher conferences are a great way to see an educator's commitment to their students.   We see how our kid's eyes lighten up when they show their class artwork and projects.  What about when they give their teacher a hug at the end of the school day.   The student teacher relationship is a commitment in itself that uses honesty as a foundational element.

We would love to hear about how you have experienced superhero like powers from your child's teacher.  Feel free to share below!


  1. With your slogan "Why Teachers are Like Superheroes" one question arises that "is really all teacher are superheroes ". From my point of view, I don't think that all teachers are superheroes because at present time all teachers are preferred private tuition rather than proving good teaching to students in colleges and universities. But when I joined all saints university saint vincent then I realized that not all teachers are same because in this university I learned a lot of good things from teachers.

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