Wednesday, January 18, 2017

10 Ways Parents Can Help Motivate Kids to Read

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Getting your child to read should not feel like a chore.  Likewise, your child shouldn’t feel like they have to get through the book as quick as possible as if it was a chore.   In this digital world of streaming videos we are starting to see the experience of storytelling is often replaced with Netflix, Youtube and Amazon Video.   These are amazing technologies that let our kids get to experience story telling on another level.  

However, the time spent reading stories and discussing them, have taken a backseat.  When it should be adding more value when both are used.  According to the International Literary Association, evidence suggests that the reading efficiency of U.S. students, especially older students, is declining , stagnant, or at least inadequate to meet the current literacy challenges faced in schools and the workplace.  Yeah, totally scary, and we don’t want our youngsters to be faced with these challenges as they enter secondary school. 

We put together some ideas that you can easily do at home.   Please share what works for your family, we would love to hear from you <3

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